Lesson One Overview

Basic Training

In this first lesson, we'll review the foundation of the vajrayana path: the teachings of the hinayana and the mahayana. We'll study the four noble truths and the concepts of shila (discipline), samadhi (meditation), and prajna (knowledge) as they apply to the hinayana and the mahayana. It cannot be emphasized enough: these two vehicles are the training ground for the vajrayana practitioner to return to again and again throughout the journey, the same way one always returns to the root when combing one's hair.


By the end of this lesson, you will be able to: 

  • Summarize the concepts of shila, samadhi, and prajna
  • List and define the three yanas
  • List and define the four noble truths
  • Explain the importance of "going back to square one"
  • Describe the concept of nontheism, and explain how it is relevant to the vajrayana path
  • Define shinjang and ekayana

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