Lesson One Overview

Discovering the Meaning of Life

As human beings, much of our suffering arises because we feel isolated, alone, and disconnected from others. It’s all too easy to forget how much we have in common with other living beings. The Buddhist teachings say that we are all carried along the four great rivers of birth, sickness, aging, and death. No matter who we are, we all face difficulties and hardships, and we all have the ability to grow as spiritual beings. In this lesson, we’ll explore how both our joyful and our painful life experiences can be the basis for deepening our connection with others and discovering the innate treasure of our own heart and mind.


This lesson will help you… 

  • Develop an awareness of the joys, sufferings, and hardships faced by both yourself and others
  • Begin to contemplate and accept your own life situation, just as it is
  • Generate a sense of delight and joy toward the life that you have

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