Lesson One Overview

Basic Sitting Meditation

“People sometimes assume that meditation means to reduce thoughts or work with thoughts—maybe by mentally observing the thoughts, by following them or some other object of attention. In such cases the mind may say, ‘Oh, I’m doing fine. I’m not distracted by anything, so I don’t care about the body.’ But there is more to it than that. The mind must be deeply connected with the feelings of the body. They should be resting together in meditation.”—The Relaxed Mind, page 3

Meditation isn’t just for the mind. To begin our meditative journey, we learn how to establish a comfortable meditation posture. We discover how to join physical and mental awareness as we sit. Finally, we practice bringing mind and body together in relaxation as a preparation for calm abiding meditation. 


This lesson will help you…

  • Establish the meditation posture
  • Merge mind and body in awareness
  • Bring more relaxation into the body

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