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Start Here Now 

The Path and Practice of Meditation 

Taught by Susan Piver

Meditation practice is transformative. It has been proven to lead to everything from a good night’s sleep to higher productivity and reduced stress, to clarity of mind and even complete enlightenment. Recently, these benefits have become more widely recognized, but beginning and sustaining a practice amid the distractions and busyness of modern life can seem overwhelming. Over many years, meditation expert and New York Times best-selling author Susan Piver has taught thousands of people how to do just that.

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In this course, Susan distills all of her best advice and tried-and-true techniques into a four-week program that will:

  • Guide you through the basics of starting a meditation practice
  • Teach you how to work with your body, breath, and mind for an effective practice
  • Present practical tips for creating a sustainable routine
  • Explain how to navigate the inevitable roadblocks
  • Teach the key principles of meditation and clarify common misconceptions 
  • Show you how to maintain a potent connection to your own unique path

What You Will Receive 

This course was designed with your needs in mind and contains all of the following: 


  • Four 20–30 minute lessons and two guided meditations from Susan, available in both video and audio format, with transcripts
  • Guided reading assignments with PDFs from Start Here Now, and a 50% discount off the paperback version
  • Exercises to help you integrate the practice into your everyday life
  • Unlimited access on your computer, mobile device, or tablet—learn at your own pace wherever and whenever works best for you

Course Curriculum

  Orientation and Support
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Lesson One: Getting Started
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Lesson Two: Confidence Leads to Discipline
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Lesson Three: Deepening in Wisdom
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Lesson Four: Living with a Fully Open Heart
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Further Resources
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What You Will Learn in Each Lesson

Lesson 1

Getting Started: An Introduction and Overview of Sitting Practice

Meditation is perhaps one of the simplest activities we can do—it is basically just taking our seat on this earth and paying attention to our breath. And yet, there are many misconceptions about the practice that can get in our way when we’re first starting out. In this lesson, we’ll review what meditation is—and what it is not. Susan will also give you practical advice for how to set up your home practice. 

Lesson 2

Confidence Leads to Discipline: A Strong Foundation

Culturally, we tend to think of discipline as rigid and sometimes even cruel. But in the context of meditation practice, creating a container of discipline is life-affirming and even joyful. In order to bring discipline to our practice in a healthy way, we need confidence. In this lesson, we’ll learn five steps for creating outer confidence and one step for creating inner confidence. We’ll also learn the three most common obstacles to meditation practice and their essential antidotes.

Lesson 3

Deepening in Wisdom: Relaxing Self-Aggression

Many of us encounter a deep well of self-aggression as we deepen in our practice. At that point, it would be easy to mistake our meditation as a means of self-improvement. Self-help, however, undermines the underlying principle of meditation practice, which is that we already have everything we need to be wakeful and kind. In this lesson, we’ll receive practical wisdom to avoid turning our meditation into a weapon we use against ourselves—instead, we’ll learn how to maintain our connection to the sacredness of the practice.

Lesson 4

Living with a Fully Open Heart: Loving-kindness for Ourselves and Our World

The meditation master Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche said, “The only true elegance is vulnerability.” This may sound hard to believe, considering how uncomfortable it sometimes is to live with an open heart. In this lesson, we’ll discuss the relationship between tenderness, meditation, and spiritual warriorship. We’ll learn how to stabilize our minds and hearts in a state of openness to create a truly sustainable practice that will serve not only us, but our whole world.

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What Participants Are Saying

“Straightforward. Concise. Positive. Very helpful in creating a continuing meditation practice.”

“Susan offers an easy-to-understand way to practice and integrate meditation (and the teachings) into one's life. I really liked the videos!”

About the Instructor

Susan Piver is a New York Times bestselling author and meditation instructor whose books include How Not to Be Afraid of Your Own LifeThe Wisdom of a Broken HeartThe Hard Questions, and Start Here Now. She has appeared on Oprah, The Today Show, the CBS Early Show, The Tyra Banks Show, and other national television programs in connection with her books. She is the founder of the Open Heart Project and leads workshops and retreats around the country on living an awakened life.