How to Show Up for Your Life 

A Course on Meditation for Meeting Your World with an Open Heart 

Taught by Lodro Rinzler

Want to learn to ride the waves of life with mindfulness and compassion? We all do—and yet we so often fall short of our goal to bring more wisdom into our lives at work, at home, and with our friends. In this course, author and Buddhist teacher Lodro Rinzler serves as your guide in how to develop a spiritual backbone, regardless of whether or not you’re interested in religion.

This course includes meditation instructions to help you become calm and centered, guidance on how to work with strong emotions (what Lodro calls the pervasive “Incredible Hulk Syndrome”), and practical steps you can take right now to connect more fully to your own heart of wisdom. You’ll learn how to embody contentment, joy, and fearlessness so you can live your life to its fullest and be of benefit to the world.

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This course will help you:

  • Establish a consistent shamatha (calm-abiding) meditation practice at home
  • Incorporate the qualities of gentleness, discernment, and precision in your being
  • Learn techniques to work with strong emotions, in meditation and on-the-spot in your day-to-day life
  • Employ strategies to live a life of contentment in the here and now
  • Build your capacity for compassion through six actions
  • Move away from the trap of doubting yourself toward touching your innate bravery and strength
  • Experience inner peace through addressing change and fear head-on
  • Engage with whatever comes up in your life as part of your spiritual path

What You Will Receive 

This course was designed with your needs in mind and contains all of the following: 


  • Eight 15- to 25-minute downloadable video lessons taught by Lodro Rinzler
  • Guided reading assignments with downloadable PDFs from from The Buddha Walks into a Bar . . . by Lodro Rinzler
  • Contemplations and practices to help you integrate the teachings into your practice and daily life
  • Unlimited access on your computer, mobile device, or tablet—learn at your own pace wherever and whenever works best for you

Course Curriculum

  Orientation Materials & Support
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days after you enroll
  Lesson One: An Introduction to Peaceful Abiding
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Lesson Two: Gentleness, Discernment, and Precision
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Lesson Three: Compassion and the Six Paramitas
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Lesson Four: Extending Loving-Kindness
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Lesson Five: Going Beyond Hope and Fear
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Lesson Six: Sacredness in Action
Available in days
days after you enroll

What You Will Learn in Each Lesson

Lesson 1

An Introduction to Peaceful Abiding

Are you stressed out? From the moment we wake up in the morning, most of us are engaged in a sense of struggle: at work, with our family, or in our social life. Through the practice of calm-abiding meditation, we come to understand how we can switch our mental allegiance from struggle to peace, ultimately engaging our world from a more spacious viewpoint. We discover that underneath the layers of our own confusion there is, innately, a sense of wholeness and well-being.

Lesson 2

Gentleness, Discernment, and Precision

In this lesson, Lodro introduces the four dignities of Shambhala: the tiger, the lion, the garuda, and the dragon, and shares how each of these legendary beings has a lot to teach us about how we can engage our life with mindfulness and compassion. In particular, we’ll focus on the tiger and its three most important qualities: gentleness, discernment, and precision. 

Lesson 3

Compassion and the Six Paramitas

How do we begin to live our lives in a more open-hearted way? In this lesson, we’ll learn about the characteristics of the snow lion and how we can unearth joy and compassion to discover that the only thing preventing us from living a fuller life is our own doubt. Lodro will introduce the six paramitas, or transcendental actions, which will serve us in cultivating compassion and overcoming the trap of doubt.

Lesson 4

Extending Loving-Kindness

Most of us spend our day dividing the world up into people we like, people we don’t like, and people we frankly don’t care about. But we don’t need to divvy our world up in this way—sharing our heart with some and closing it off to others. In this lesson, we’ll learn how to expand our compassion to include all beings.

Lesson 5

Going Beyond Hope and Fear

The dictionary defines equanimity as mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation. In other words, you can’t really achieve equanimity unless you have those intense obstacles in your life to work with. In this lesson, we explore the garuda and how it addresses the intensity of life—including aging, impermanence, and death—in a fearless manner. 

Lesson 6

Sacredness in Action

When we can tune into our world without getting lost in our own thoughts and storylines, we are able to appreciate just how sacred it is. In this final lesson, Lodro explains the concept of the dragon and how it embodies true wisdom and skillfulness. We will contemplate how connecting to our own innate wisdom allows us to act more skillfully in the world.

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Praise for Lodro Rinzler

Review of Love Hurts: Buddhist Advice for the Heartbroken by Lodro Rinzler

“If you have ever wished for a smart, kind, discerning, and ridiculously funny friend to accompany you, encourage you, challenge you, make you laugh, and point you in the direction of true healing, here he is.”—Susan Piver, author of Start Here Now and The Wisdom of a Broken Heart.

Reviews of The Buddha Walks into a Bar . . .: A Guide to Life for a New Generation by Lodro Rinzler

“A young, New York–based Buddhist teacher, Rinzler is able to take a relaxed, colloquial approach to meditation and its many benefits because he’s so well-versed in Shambhala and Tibetan Buddhism. With examples ranging from superheroes to YouTube videos, Rinzler brings timeless teachings to the buzz of now in an engaging, richly instructive, genuinely illuminating spiritual guide.”—Booklist

“Rinzler’s voice is approachable and funny and absolutely credible to all of the young professionals who seem to have it all but who are beginning to wonder if they are missing something really, really big.”—

“Don’t let Rinzler’s youthful exuberance fool you. The kid knows his stuff.”—Tricycle

About the Instructor

Lodro Rinzler is a teacher in the Shambhala tradition of Vajrayana Buddhism. He has taught numerous workshops and retreats. His column "What Would Sid Do?" (Sid = Siddhartha, the Buddha) appears regularly in the Huffington Post.